Plays: One

After a workshop and a season-long run in the R.S.9 Theatre, the re-written version of Cursed Cows was submitted to the drama competition of Young Writers’ Association, Hungary (FISZ).


The play was chosen as the best new play in 2004 that was written by a writer under 30. The official awards ceremony was held in the Karoly Palace, Budapest, in 2005.


The Szepirodalmi Figyelo [Literary Observer] (SzIF), one of the leading Hungarian literary publications, published an interview with the nominees and winners (in the categories of drama, prose, and poetry) of the competition.


Meanwhile Suda has produced his new play, richard2nixon, which was also published in this volume, which was brought out in the spring of 2007 by the FISZ. The cover-art was made by Elod P Csirmaz.

The book was also presented at the 78th Book Festival of Hungary on 31 May 2007. The author was signing copies of his book in the FISZ kiosk.

During the conference organized for the 10th Anniversary of the Young Writers’ Association Suda and Csirmaz talked about their work and upcoming plays. The talk was moderated by drama critic Mate Szabo.




You can order this book on-line from Writers’ Bookshop or


Plays: One

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