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CV & Showreel

About Robert B Suda

Mr Suda is a London-based theatre director and producer who has earned a BA and MAs in stage directing, theatre project management and advanced theatre studies (Theatrology). During the past twenty years, he has directed and produced different shows on stage. He was educated in and used both Constantin Stanislavski’s method and the directing technique of Bertold Brecht. His works are also influenced by expressionism and minimalism. He has combined these techniques with elements of physical theatre, dance, pantomime, as well as elements of multimedia and minimalist architectural set design in both plays and musical productions.

Curriculum Vitae

If you click on the links below, you can download and read Mr Suda’s portfolio, CV and a short selection of reviews.

Printed versions of portfolio, CV, reviews and references are available upon request. HD version of the Show-reel is also available on DVD. Please send an e-mail to receive any of them.

CV of Robert B Suda in .pdf [October 2010]
CV of Robert B Suda in .doc [October 2010]


Portfolio of Robert B Suda in .doc [October 2010]


Professional Memberships & Awards

2009 – Nominated for the Jozsef Attila Literary Prize
2004 – Selected as one of the best young playwrights of the year by the Young Writers’ Association, Hungary (FISz)


2009 – ongoing Professional Member of The Directors Guild of Great Britain (DGGB)


2006 – ongoing Life Member of the Young Writers Association, Hungary (FISz)


2006 – ongoing Founder and Producer of PostMinArt Productions Ltd.



Show Reel

Better Than Sex – The Musical
The Courtyard Theatre, London, 2010

Beyond Flesh and Blood
The Tabard Theatre, London, 2009

RS9 Theatre, Budapest, 2008

Halloween Musical Madness Show
FMK Arts Centre, Budapest, 2008

Royal Radical Fashion Movie
Filming Location: Budapest, 2007

Hidden Truth – TV show
Filming Location: Budapest, Hungary, 2007
Produced by OLICO Film

CoverShow – The Musical
Belvarosi Theatre, Budapest, 2006-2007

Thalia Theatre, Budapest, 2005

Cursed Cows
RS9 Theatre, Budapest, 2004

Harold Pinter’s The Dumb-Waiter
Maria Mezei Theatre, Budapest, 1999

That’s Enough! – musical comedy
Pataky Arts Centre, Budapest, 1997-1999