Hidden Truth


Supernatural documentary mini TV series

This 10-episode series undertakes to explore the unexplored riddles of the abilities of the human mind and body and tries to support the results with reports of experts. The problems are presented from a perspective based on every-day life. At the end of every episode many different feasible explanations are given to the riddles allowing the audience to choose from them.

The main theme of the series is an investigation by a special team and we, the audience, can follow the investigation through their eyes.

During every episode experts (psychologists, psychiatrists, brain surgeons, and physiologists) are interviewed to ensure the authenticity of the series.

The visual design is similar to video-clip design; the editing is more vivid than in usual documentaries. The series boasts the latest visual effects and 3D animation technology.

Apart from the pilot episode, each episode is 45 minutes long.

Working titles of the first six episodes:
The Hypnosis (pilot episode)
The Science of Witches and Shamans
The Secrets of the Shaolin Temple
The Truth about Yoga and the Mysterious Tantra
Special Abilities — Everyday Superheroes


Directed by
Robert B Suda
Original idea by
Oliver Szalko
Narrations written by
Robert B Suda
Costume designs by
BeaTrix Krasznai
Make-up designs by
Monika Kovacs
Cinematography by
Andras Ignacz
Edited by
Mate Varga
Visual effects and 3D animations by
Andras Zalavari
Opening title music by
Production photos by
Attila Kropf
Casting director & production manager
Andrea Steinhauser
Produced by Oliver Szalko
Olico Film (C) Budapest, 2007

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