Royal Radical Fashion Movie


A documentary about  fashion designer Tamas Kiraly

“World-wide known and acclaimed Tamas Kiraly is a sheer Hungaricum because of his unusual, sensational style, and because of his clothes which follow his mind freely. His creations are fully hand-made. According to the STERN magazine he is the Pope of Fashion.

“From VOGUE to ID every major fashion magazine wrote about him. As a single Eastern European fashion designer he presented his creations together with Vivienne Westwood. Interview and documentary movies were made about him by the BBC, the ZDF, and the TV5. His objectified dreams could be described as minimalist, constructivist and as belonging to the mysterious world of the kitsch.”

Tamas Kiraly, a top avant-garde fashion designer of Hungary, started his career in the 80s. His early creations were characterised by strict geometrical forms; later he turned toward a glittering style and designed gilded and silver-lamé garments. He also organises so-called “fashion promenades,” usually in downtown Budapest.

Tamas Kiraly’s fashion shows that appear in the documentary:
M&M Hair Academy, London
Hypnotic Fashion Show, Budapest
DekaDANCE, Budapest
Karoly Palace Show, Budapest

Location of the production: Budapest, Hungary
Date of the production: September 2007
All Rights Reserved © to Tamas Kiraly & Robert B Suda

Produced by Eva S Toth


Design by
Tamas Kiraly
Directed by
Robert B Suda
Key Stylist
Vince Juhasz
2nd stylist & Wardrobe designer
BeaTrix Krasznai
Key Make-Up Artist
Monika Kovacs
2nd Make-Up
Solange Gabor Szucs
Cinematography by
Mate Varga
Lights & Sound
Mate Varga & Adam Erdesz
Editing & post-production by
Robert B Suda & Elod P Csirmaz
Production design by
Tamas Kiraly & Robert B Suda
Production Photos by
Adam Erdesz
Web Design by
Elod P Csirmaz
Title Music by
Csilla Domonkos
Produced by
Eva S Toth


Katalin Farkas
Monika Kovacs
BeaTrix Krasznai
Richard 'Ricco' Havasi
Vince Juhazs
Andras J Karsai
Gabor Zsiros

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