Mrs Klein


Mrs Klein

by Nicholas Wright

A play in two acts

Opened at the Kolibri Chamber-Theatre, Budapest on 10 May 2000 in.

The controversial psychoanalyst, Melanie Klein’s son died by falling off a cliff in Czechoslovakia. This event provokes a competitive display between the mother and her daughter Melitta. It is not clear whether the boy committed suicide or it was an accident but the drunk Melitta accuses her mother of causing her brother’s suicide. And a battle begins between the two analysts.


Directed by
Robert B Suda
Hungarian translation by
Gyorgyi Gecsenyi (1995) & Robert B Suda (2000)
Set design by
Laszlo Suda


Melanie Klein
Erzsebet Dozsa
Dr Melitta Schmideberg
Mariann Szekeres
Paula Heimann
Kata Csato

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