PostMinArt Productions presents


or Miss Julie

committed double murder in the heat of sexual passion in one act
based on August Strindberg’s Miss Julie

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Opened at the RS9 theatre, Budapest on 20 December 2008.

“Julie’ll rock you!”


“The ending praises the prodigious talent of Robert B Suda. Even after the many twists and turns it surprises the audience, whose attention is not let to wander for a second.”
– Regina Fekete, Antropos on MoNOporno, or Miss Julie

“The FISZ award-winner director’s greatest feat is—who has staged contemporary plays and mainstream musicals—that he was able to integrate the exciting, unruly personality of the rock-star, Miss Pasztor and the songs of her band into the texture of the show. The projected road-movie scenes on the white canvases of the set, the video installations and the elements of virtual reality are the imprints of a mind-blowing amuck which not only delivers deeply multi-layered meaning but also gives a mainstream style to the whole show.”
– KultutPart, V.M.R. on MoNOporno, or Miss Julie

“…porn is the explicit depiction of sexual subject matter with the sole intention of sexually exciting the viewer.”

“Nymphomaniac: a woman as obsessed with sex as an average man.” – Mignon McLaughlin, 1960

Julie is bored in the middle of the Nevada desert. The beautiful, wealthy girl starts a dangerous game. The target of the game is Jean, but he doesn’t respect the girl. This night the eternal battle of sexes starts. But the game turns kinkier and more perverted; in the heat of the night the sexual tension transforms into a destructive, life-threatening demon. Finally, they have to fight each other for their own lives. Strindberg’s once scandalous play will now be staged in a new adaptation in the style of Tarantino’s motion pictures and road-movies.


Written & Directed by
Robert B Suda
Samuel Pasztor
Anna Pasztor
Lighting design
Rita Csaki
Projection and SFX by
Gergely Kovasznai Szasz
Production Photos
Peter Steierlein & Kotipas
PR & Marketing
CLS Music


Anna Pasztor
Attila Galambos
Krisztina Jezso
Samuel Pasztor, Mark Bubno, David Hernadi

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