Cursed Cows

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a play in one act with music and women

The first performance of Cursed Cows was in Budapest, in R.S.9 Theatre on 10 February 2004.

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Three women. Divorced, friends, humping with family men. Two other women. They have built three churches and are prudish as hell. The Man arrives. And messes up everything. There’s no escape from the Village. It awaits your death.

Robert B Suda’s play was inspired by the works of Ted Hughes, Virginia Woolf, Carol Ann Duffy, and Sarah Kane.

Women reconstruct themselves and their roles almost daily in order to satisfy their thirst for liberty and for change, and use every means to have these roles accepted by the society they live in.” – Nina Rapi

The performance depicts the changes in the relationships among the characters with exact, choreographed movements, punctual use of light and a fragmented, but at the same time elevated tone of speech. The story of the community, from which the three women are barely able to escape, unfolds in a hilariously tragic and enjoyably vivid way during the course of the performance.

This play was chosen as one of the best plays of the year 2004 by the Association of Young Writers, Hungary (FISZ).

In 2007 it was published in book form by the Association of Young Writers, Hungary (FISZ).


Directed by
Robert B Suda
Movements & Pantomime
Veronika Karsai
Zoltan Kocsis - Betty Balogh
Eszter Zeke
Lighting design
Csobay Zoltan
Projection & SFX
Zsolt Tatai


Noemi Agg
Amalia Simonfi
Julia Szorenyi
Mariann Szekeres
Veronika Karsai
Ildiko Takacs
Attila Galambos
Zoltan F Magyar
Gabor Nagy-Tyukos

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